People often think Pilates and Yoga are similar... where in face they are so unalike!   The only similarity is the mat.  Yes there are poses that you'll see in Pilates and Yoga but the concept behind the pose are different.

Ideally if you could do Pilates AND Yoga, you would be hugely benefiting the spine, body and mind.  

Yoga originates from India and many people have this idea that's it's "too hippy for me" or "I'm not flexible enough to do yoga" because of what you see on tv or social media.

Guess what...

If you WERE flexible enough would you need to do it?  From a physical aspect I mean.


We teach Hatha yoga, which consists of a few sun salutations (which can be modified for complete beginners) followed by a series of postures (asana in yoga speak)  but on occasions I'll throw in a Yin Yoga as it's completely different and in todays society, we are already rushed off our feet BUSY being busy and Yin Yoga is a great way to STOP and just BE!  and it's harder than you think...  not because of the poses you hold for anywhere between 3-5 minutes but because you have to sit with yourself and your own thoughts for that long!

We cater for everyday clients.

Not supermodels.

Not 20 somethings who want to do headstands and back bends.

But for the real person, whose body is tight and tired.

Who may not be able to get into some positions.... and that's okay because i've always got a variation up my sleeve that I can give you.

We have no egos so there's no judgement.... 

You do what YOU can ....

We have 30 something in the class right up to 70+ and everyone does what THEY can....


Even if you want a rest......

Then have a rest!

If you'd like to try our yoga sessions, we'd be delighted to invite you to a free taster session and all you need to do is email us at and we'll get you booked in as soon as possible!

We look forward to welcoming you to the studio!


Much Love and Light

Tanja x