1.  There will  be various offers throughout the year for Refer a friend.  Only those offers current at the time will be available to you.

2.  Offers only apply if your friend signs up to a membership.


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Studio T&C


Pilates & Massage Private Sessions

All sessions include preparation and consultation.  Please not that if you are late your session time will be reduced to fit into your agreed appointment time slot.  It is not fair on the clients that follow you to be delayed.  

Cancellations made within 24hrs of your appointment will incur a 50% charge.  Cancellations made between 0-12hrs will incur a full charge of the service booked.  Please ensure you make this payment promptly and save your Instructor/Therapist the embarrassment of having to ask.  Payments can be made over the phone for your convenience.

We will, however, endeavour to fill the slot, in which case you will not need to pay a cancellation fee.

Bundles have an expiration date so please ensure that you use your sessions within that period. Any sessions remaining after the expiration date will be forfeited.


Memberships / Packages



Teign Fitness a “rolling month” membership and you can cancel your membership at any time.  Requests need to be emailed to Teign Fitness BEFORE the next billing date, which is the 1st of every month.

Apart from the 1st payment – which is part of our Satisfaction Guarantee, any payments made after the 1st will not be refunded, as this results in added charges for Teign Fitness.  If a cancellation was requested too late you will of course still have access to all the classes for that month and your payment will be stopped before the next billing date.  

Accounts cannot be put on hold* – we do our best to be as flexible as we can.  Eg. If you’re going away for two weeks then you can use all your sessions in the other two weeks of the month, HOWEVER we do allow you to roll sessions over to the next month** packages as follows:

Silver Membership – rollover 1 session

Gold Membership – rollover 2 sessions

Platinum Membership – rollover 3 sessions

Diamond Membership – rollover 4 sessions

*We are not unreasonable, we look at each case separately and a decision will be made based on your personal circumstances.

**You can carry over all your remaining sessions from August and December.


All classes are booked online, via PIKE 13, which is our online booking facility.  This is very user friendly and easy to manage your classes.   Please contact staff if you need assistance setting this up on your tablet.

Spaces fill quickly so we highly recommend you book your classes early – we’re delighted to advise that there is no limit on how far in advance you want to book. 

We also encourage you to put your name on the waitlist facility, as most people often get a space.  You will be notified via email if you do get into a class.   If your name goes onto the list and you do not attend no show/cancellation policy applies – please remove your name from the waitlist if you decide you no longer wish to come to that session – as this prevents the next person on the list getting a space.


If you arrive late for a class, it is YOUR responsibility to warm up properly, as some sessions have specific warm ups due to the exercises planned for that session.  If you arrive late and have not warmed up you are putting yourself at risk of an injury.  If you are late - you enter the class at your own risk.


All no shows will result in a charge, no class credit will be refunded. You have the option to cancel your class within 2 hours of the class and avoid any charges, any cancellations after this time will result in a charge.  Due to the lateness it leaves little time for the next person to be notified.


 On occasion we may cancel a class on the day due to low numbers, however if numbers are consistently low the timetable will be reviewed and the class may be cancelled on a permanent basis.   The timetable will be amended to meet the demands of our clients. If a class is cancelled due to illness/weather you will receive a notification via email – we will do our best to send you a text message, however this cannot be guaranteed so please monitor your emails.  We will of course do everything we can NOT to cancel a class.


We are pleased to say that we are open all bank holidays except Christmas / Boxing Day & New Year.  Our classes tend to be busy in the mornings, but we will monitor them and it there are 4 or less we will cancel the class.  Often people book an evening class and then cancel last minute which leaves maybe 1 or 2 in the class.

From past experiences the month of August can be fairly quiet, so we may reduce the amount of classes HOWEVER if there’s a demand for them they will be re-instated.

The evening classes the week after Christmas will be cancelled – from the previous years – these classes are very quiet so we will take the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones and have a rest.  The morning classes will be monitored.  As with Bank Holidays if there are 4 or less in a class the class will be cancelled – please keep an eye on your emails during these times.

In December – you will be able to carry ALL of your remaining sessions over to January the following year so you will NOT lose your sessions.  HOWEVER, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure this is done (email us if it’s not).  Any extra sessions need to be added manually and as you can appreciate we have over 100 clients!  (If we have reduced classes in August you will of course be able to carry them over to September).


There will be occasions when we take photos and videos of a class in progress for our marketing purposes.  We love showing others that we are real women (and men) as opposed to 20 year old fitness models and it’s less intimidating for new comers.   We don’t take face shots and they tend to be the feet end of the mats so rarely see faces.  You will be asked at the time so shout out if you do not want to be in the photo so a note can be made and you can be edited out of the picture.


Please note that we do have 2 small dogs at the studio, to meet and greet and reduce stress! They love lots of cuddles and kisses, but sadly to do not attend any of the classes, as they don't quite "get it".  Please feel free to push them away if you don't like them or inform us and we will remove them from your vaccinity.  We do appreciate not everyone like dogs!


Final Word

I doubt we will have any issues but a gentle reminder that we do have an occupied residential property behind the studio.  Please be considerate of the noise levels whilst at the studio, especially early morning and late evening.




No contract shall exist until the completed booking form is submitted and a Payment or a Deposit has been made and a Confirmation Receipt has been issued.

Where only a partial payment is paid at the time of submitting the booking form, reoccurring payments of £100 will be made monthly until the full balance has been received.  Failure to do so or default in payments may result in Teign Fitness exercising its right to cancel your booking(s) and to charge the applicable cancellation charges set out below.

Though our retreat spaces are limited, we will endeavour to treat cancellations sympathetically. As such, if a replacement booking is secured for a late cancellation all monies paid will be returned, save the deposit (equal to 20% of the cost of the holiday, regardless of when the cancellation is made. However, if a replacement is not found, the charges below will be applied. Cancellation of your holiday, for whatever reason, should be notified to us by email and must be confirmed by Teign Fitness .Cancellation up to 49 days before the course commences will result in loss of the deposit only. Cancellation between  48-28 days before the course commences will result in a loss of 50% of the total price of the course. Cancellation 27 days or less before the course commences will result in the loss of 100% of the total price of the course.

In order to participate in holidays at with Teign Fitness we recommend that guests have travel insurance. This can be arranged through most travel agents or found online.

Costs are explained on the website.  Flights/alcohol and horse riding are not inlcuded.  

The Teign Fitness does not accept liability for theft or damage to personal possessions; personal injuries or medical conditions that develop during or after the holiday; or any costs, cancellations or changes incurred as a result of fire, natural disaster, war or threat of war, industrial action, technical problems with transport, airport closure or any other events beyond our control. Please be advised that the paths around the swimming pool and the hydraspa can be slippy and must be used with care. Please be aware of the contraindications to the use of the hot tubs/hyrospas.

At the time of going to press, all the programmes listed will have been confirmed by the respective Course Instructors. If, for any reason, a Course Instructor becomes unavailable we shall do our utmost to replace them with a leader of similar qualities. Wherever possible you will be advised in advance of any alterations. 

I/we understand that participating in Tranquility Base Retreat (run by Teign Fitness)  is entirely at our own risk. That several days of Yoga, Pilates and bathing can lead to a new empowered, relaxed state that may be detrimental to that feeling of being stressed out and unable to cope. In addition, experiencing the energy and power of nature may change our world views with regards to energy production and climate change – which may make us want to fit solar panels and indulge in the free energy that nature has to offer.