PiYo is officially my new favourite form of exercise.  It's fresh to the UK and only been going here for about 3 months.  It's been presented here by the same company as Insanity and PX90 - Beachbody.

Now if you like Yoga and you like Pilates then you're going to love PiYo.    The only difference with PiYo is that it choreographed with really great music and has a fab format!  Think of Yoga and Pilates on Redbull!  

I've been teaching it now for 3 weeks and already people are noticing a difference in their thighs as they now feel and look more toned. I've noticed differences in my own body and finding push ups a lot easier and also my flexibility has improved immensley from doing PiYo.  

I've introduced it to my clients and they are all loving it as much as I do!

It's perfect for those of you who would like to add a bit more cardio into your Pilates and Yoga workouts, without the impact of high intensity training so much better for the joints, HOWEVER, you will still feel the burn and you'll still sweat like crazy!  A towel will be required when partaking in PiYo I can promise you that!


If you'd like to come give us go please email contact@teignfitness.com to request a FREE PiYo taster session!