Group Classes

The great thing about Pilates is no matter what level you're at, pilates exercises can be modified to suit your own ability.  Modifications are given from Level 1 up to Level 3 and beyond if you want!  

You'll find some days easier than other days and you will learn when you can push and when you need to take a step back.   I try to encourage "having a go" as it gives you bench marks to work from.  In 6 months time when you "have a go" again - it's much easier to realise how far you've come in such a short space of time.  

We are committed to helping you get the most out of YOUR time with us and therefore only offer small group classes, with no more than 12 clients in a class.  This provides me with the time and opportunity to help each and every person in the class and to make sure you are doing everything correctly.    

Whilst we have strong values and we are very disciplined when it comes to teaching Pilates - we also believe that life is far too serious already so we encourage lots of fun and laughter in the class - after all your face muscles also need exercising AND most importantly - your body releases Oxytocin, which helps reduce Cortisol, WHICH helps reduce symptoms of stress and aids weight loss!  (There's always a method to my madness).

All the equipment is provided for you and we offer a variety of sessions with foam rollers, balls, magic rings (or rings of torture it's often referred to) and we also have spikey balls to massage those bits we've just worked!.




Private Sessions

There are times when people have specific issues like injuries or disorders from pregnancy, sports injuries and car accidents etc.  Although group classes are sufficient for most people it is preferable to have private sessions IF you have specific issues, where exercises can be modified especially for you.

It may be that after a few private lessons and learning about your own body you will then be able to move on to attending group classes when you are more aware of your own limitations and you’ve been taken through the exercises that are more suitable.

Your sessions will be tailored specifically around what your body needs.  We are not all the same and our bodies need to be treated as such.

All session are 60min for £50.  Don't forget if you're a member of Teign Fitness, as part of your membership benefits you'll receive a 15% discount.

For those that want regular treatments we offer blocks of 3, 5 and 10 at discounted rates.

A block of 3 is £144 (£48 per session).

A block of 5 is £220 (£44 per session).

A block of 10 is £400 (£40 per session).

These can be purchased online.

To book your appointment you can contact us via CONTACT US.  


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