Where are you at:

You have never really taken action or seek advice to go and see a professional about the aches and pains.  You have had or heard of massages but see this as more of a luxury treatment.  You have heard of other people having success with sports massage treatment and feel like you should book one.  You're not sure whether you need one right now or any at all.

The problem you have right now:

You feel uncomfortable, tight and stressed every day.  Money and time are a factor and not sure whether it would be worth the investment.

What you need help with right now:

You need someone to help you relax, loosen up and get rid of your stress.  You want to feel good and more confident about yourself.  You also need to know that you are investing yourself to really change in the next 3 to 6 months.

The program that will suit you best is our Sports Massage Conditioning Package.  This is designed to help you get your body back to feeling more flexible, more relaxed and pain free.  It will also give you great understanding of how to prevent further injury or pain occurring.  You will receive great support and commitment from Teign Fitness as well as exercise guidelines to follow.  This is specifically for individuals that need hands on 1-2-1 treatment to get the best results.  You will be accountable to yourself but direct access to Teign Fitness will help you stay on track.