It's 2am in the morning and you're no closer to getting your newsletter or blog ready to be sent out first thing in the morning.  You've got no more hair left because whatever hair you did you have you've pulled out and if you have any more coffee you're heart is going to jump out of your chest..... and when you finally do succeed in adding all your images and links you accidentally click on something and lose the whole which point you shout out to the Universe....WHY ME!!!!........(okay maybe not so dramatic - but I did want to cry!). 




Now that you have a little background about me... basically I hated mailchimp / spent MANY hours fighting with it / and now I love it... but you don't have to go through all of that (unless you want to!) because I'm now offering assistance packages to help you get set up and running and if need be I'll teach you what you do need to know - if YOU want to know!



I have a range of packages BUT because I also run my own Pilates and Yoga studio full time I only take on a few clients at a time.  

I have basic packages which are for basic the setting up / creating lists / adding subscribers etc right through to the full package where I set up your account and get your autoresponder series up and running.

Because of the various ways in which I can help you it is difficult for me to give you a price.  It all depends on how much time I have to spend and how quick you give me all the necessary information.

If you'd like to have a FREE "STOP FIGHTING WITH YOUR MAILCHIMP" half hour consultation to discuss your requirements and see if we're a fit for each other then please click on HERE to register.


PLEASE NOTE:   I am NOT a marketing expert and the templates I create are basially what I use myself.  I have not tested any specific templates and I cannot tell you if blue is a better colour than red.