When Dreams Come True.....

If you said to me 5 years ago I'd be out of the Police and I'd be running my own business I'd have laughed and said


BUT here I am and I am loving every minute of it!  No one in my closest family has ever owned their own business so it's been a rather interesting life change. 

My dream was always to be in the police, but after serving for 6 years it became apparent that I wasn't getting the job satisfaction that I wanted.  I didn't feel like I was helping anyone and spent most of my time doing paperwork.

After I started teaching and saw the amazing results my clients were having and the less aches and pains people were reporting gave me a sense of achievement and satisfaction that I wasn't getting into the Police - and finally decided to leave!

Now 8 months later - we are in the last few stages of renovating a beautiful space to call our own and working around the clock to get it open as soon as possible!   

Here a few sneak peaks at what we've done so far!

Every time I got there I feel like a little child in a sweet shop!  I'm just so excited!

We start painting this week and aiming for a THANK YOU / OPENING party end of June, of course I will be keeping your posted.

Now the road to getting to this point has NOT been easy and many times Paul and I thought we'd never get here.  

It took 5 months of battling with the council about all sorts of stuff (amazingly how there's chaos all over Newton Abbot with roadworks) and they were concerned about our little studio... BUT we eventually received the official stamp.

Then we had to find funding, which took me hours of speedy learning about cashflow forecasts and business plans and stuff I've never done before - but now consider myself to be an expert in! 

I have to admit I've had tears in between all of these obstacles.  Every time we took a step forward it felt like taking 2 back as there'd be something else now to overcome.

BUT now that I can stand in MY studio and I know this is OURS....every single hurdle we've overcome and every minute of struggle we've had has been worth it!

So WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE......it's the most amazing feeling in the world - so don't give up on your dreams.  If it was easy - everyone would be doing it!

Warmest Warmest Hugs