Top 5 Reasons Pilates Is Good For You

Now of course everyone knows how much I love Pilates otherwise I wouldn't teach it!  


I thought I'd create a very short blog post - on what I believe to be the Top 5 Reasons Pilates is good for you.

These top 5 reasons have not come from me - but from comments made by my own clients over the time that I have been teaching and I've selected the ones I hear most often.  Surely testimonials from people that have genuinely benefited from practicing Pilates is better than hearing it from me :)


So here we go:

1.  "If I don't do it - I can feel my back seizing up"

2.  "I don't get any back ache any more and I've stopped using painkillers"

3.  "I've already started noticing my tummy tightening up and I'm more aware of my posture" -       usually said within 4 to 5 weeks of starting Pilates.

4.  "I'm stronger now and it's helped with my horse-riding/rowing/running"

5.  "I feel so good after I've done it and it gives me some ME time"

So there you have it!  My top 5 comments!

Pilates isn't just about "better posture" and all those other great benefits.  It's also about how it makes you feel and the time you get to spend doing something for YOU.

So there you have it - short n sweet but to the point!

Have a fit and fabulous week!


Warmest Hugs