Sharing the Similarities & Differences between Pilates VS Yoga

Now if you've been a clients of mine for some time you might know I cringe when someone says "Is Pilates like Yoga?"...mmmm Yes and No..and usually say "wait until after a class" to which I normally get a response afterwards saying - "it's nothing like yoga!"

Don't get me wrong there are similarities between the two but not the way people think.




Both done on a mat

Both focus on breath work in one way or another

Encourages stretching and flexibility

Both considered to be mind-body exercise ie concentration and focus on the body

both focus on the body in the "now" rather than the long term effect ie longer muscles etc

They both use a variety of added equipment such as blocks and bands.  For Pilates you can also add rings, balls and rollers to the lesson for added resistance etc

Due to the focus on the breathe work both improve circulation and oxygenate the system.



Pilates is done mostly lying on your front, back or sides or seated.

Yoga tends to be more standing

The main focus of Pilates is building core strength first to encourage functional movement through the rest of the body and also flexibility.

The main focus on Yoga is to increase flexibility and strength in the spine and limbs

In Yoga the primary goal is to stay connected to breath

In Pilates the breathe facilitates a move

The breath work is very different in Pilates than it is in Yoga and within Yoga itself there are again different forms of breathing patterns.

My last one is that Yoga is well-known for being a very spiritual practice, whereas Pilates isn't.  Whether it's Pilates or Yoga you can make it as spiritual or non-spiritual as YOU decide.


Which one is "better" for you you ask?  

Well you'll have to read next week when I share my secret about which one I think is better :)


Warmest Hugs