Bra's for Africa....literally!

As always I've always got something on the go and recently I saw this little charity on Facebook and as it's about Africa, I felt a connection with this charity and jumped at the chance at doing my bit.

It's so easy - I'm not after your money - I'm after your underwear!  Actually your unused bra's to be exact.

SMALLS FOR ALL is a charity that provides bra's to girls and women in Africa, to help prevent rape and all sorts of horrible crimes.  It's seen as a luxury item, which makes perpertrators think these women are well kept women ie, they have husbands / brothers / fathers who have lots of money and therefore fear what these families will do to them....


The charity also collects new knickers for girls aged 3 upwards as the young girls don't have any underwear - and what's even more sad is that when the girls' start their periods they can't go to school!  Can you imagine your daughter not going to school...that's about 12 weeks a year she's losing...AKA 3 months of schooling!

I've set a target goal of 5000 bras within the next year and so far, in 3 weeks we have collected 240!  It's been fun practically ripping the bra's off all my clients' ... okay not quite so bad, but it's been a really great start with little competitions going!

I'm asking you to donate at least one bra....and to get one bra from your friend...and their friend etc.  If you have more bras to donate then I'd be delighted if you gave them to us!  Can you imagine how it would make you feel if you found out that YOUR bra stopped one of those women becoming another victim!  It's such a small thing and at the moment it's just lying in your drawer... so please....




The studio is open Mon-Thur 9am-1pm & 4:30pm - 9pm if you want to drop them off.  Alternatively, lovely Kathy Wilson who own The Dressing Room Bridal shop in Torquay has kindly offered her premises as a drop off point in Torbay.   Also Cora who owns Flhair in Teignmouth, near the train station, has offered her premises as a collection point for those living in surrounding areas!

If you'd like to get involved or want more information then please contact me by email

Join in and get naked!  (okay not quite!)


Lots of Hugs