Exercise Your Way To A Better Menopause!

Whether exercise itself has a positive effect on menopause symptoms is an area of much research.  In the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation, menopausal symptoms were more frequent among less active women, with a trend of increasing symptoms with decreasing activity.

Aerobic training resulted in lower scores for depressed moods and higher scores for attractiveness and improvements in cardio fitness and lean muscle mass.  Physical activity like pilates and yoga resulted in postive effects on menopause-specific quality of life and affect (i.e measure of general happiness).  

Remember how awesome you feel after your sessions.....this actually counts alot for your well-being!


Although the health benefits of a complete exercise program for women are supported by research, unfortunately, many women are not active and activity levels decrease with age.  (Time to MAKE time for yourselves ladies!!)

A comprehensive exercise program includes activities that target the cardio sysetm like high intensity training (aka HIT Pilates), muscular exercises (PIlates), body composition (bootcamp / nutritional support), flexibility (Yoga / PiYo), and neuromotor fitness (Pilates / PiYo).

This is why we believe in a holistic approach.  We offer unlimited memberships for a reason - don't eat the same foods day in and day out - don't perform the same type of exercise day in and day out.

Push your comfort zone ladies!

From an exercise and hormonal approach - avoid long workouts eg 45 minutes long where the heart rate is raised (for your info PiYo normally lasts 50 min including all the rest in between! and HIT Pilates lasts about 35 minutes).  Long walks are excellent as the heart rate isn't raised to effect cortisol.

ANY high intensity short duration is particularly beneficial for weight loss AND helping balance hormones.

Relaxation / mindfulness reduces stress hormones - which in turn affect Thyroid function and immune function.  Breathing exercises (Yoga/Pilates) also reduces stress hormone levels and boosts other beneficial hormones - those happy ones called oxytocin).   Hence we try and have 5 minutes at least at the end of the session to help reduce all the corisol!

If you have any questions about weight - loss, menopause or what exercise is best for you then please feel free to hit REPLY and email us!

Warmest Hugs!


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