How Do You Reduce Your Cortisol Levels?

So last week we learnt about Cortisol and the role it plays in menopause and also how it's the big baddy when it comes to weight gain, especially during menopause......

Now here's the good news - it's not that difficult to reduce the cortisol levels in your body and espcially for women - you can reduce those levels by a massive 50 % just by using breathing techniques for 5 minutes!

There's a really good one...

Can you guess which one yet???

1.  Decrease your alcohol and caffeine intake.  Any kind of stress results in cortisol levels reducing the stress you're putting into the body - will help reduce the levels.

2.  Add Vitamin C into your diet and make sure it's a high dose!  (great from helping to fight illnesses too.)

3.  Eating Liquorice

4.  Drinking grapefruit juice

5. Partaking in Pilates / Yoga / meditation / mindfulness

6.  Relaxing to instrumental music

7.  Eating Dark Chocolate! (wohoooo!)

8.  Breathing techniques for 5 minutes

9.  Ginseng

10.  Walking outdoors helps to reduce your levels.  It brings you closer to nature and watching the views bring calmness and peace.

11.  Short duration exercise (works on men - not so well on women....... short duration - does vacuuming and doing the dishes count..I wonder??)

So there you have it...

Try and do at least one of these things every day and this will help reduce your cortisol, reduce stress and more long term - help to lose weight!!! 

Next week I'll be chatting to you about which are the best forms of exercise for ladies going through menopause.

Catch you then!