Cortisol and Menopause – the Connection

The number one hormone which effects all other hormones…Cortisol!

Ever met a women that boasts she is so well balanced hormonally – no me neither.

Did you know that 50% of your oestrogent gets detoxified by your liver... in other words it'll either take it out the body or make it less toxic.  

If the liver isn't funciontioning optimally then the uncleared stuff becomes toxic to us and these "stuff" things can be cancer forming.

One of these "stuff" things (ask Paul for all the scientific terms - I like to keep it simple!)....where was I... one of these "stuff" things gets stuffed into our fat cells, which leads to obesity!


Because the main function of fat cells is to store toxins! If you want to lose fat first lose the cause for having it – ie dump the toxins. CLEAN YOUR LIVER!




A quick lesson about Hormones......

Hormones 101 – hormones matter as they affect:

  • Cell metabolism
  • Homeostasis (balance)
  • Reproduction (estrogen:progesterone ratio)
  • Development
  • Behaviour (if you got hormones you KNOW it affects your behaviour - back in the day when I suffered with PMS - it felt like Godzilla!)
  • Organ reserve (have you ran out of the stuff that kept you balanced)

The Main Hormones

  • Cortisol
  • Oestrogen (makes you ALL woman, if dominant can be pro-cancerous)
  • Progesterone (counter balances oestrogen, mellows you out)
  • Testosterone (mental clarity, gives energy and drive – the one that makes men bump                 chests!)
  • Thyroid (directs the hormone choir – if there is hormone imbalance negatively affects                 thyroid)
  • Insulin (makes us store fat)
  • Synthetic and bio-identical hormones can be pro-cancerous!!! (HRT)

Cortisol – What is it?

The Hormone that Governs:

  •  Hunger cravings
  • Digestion
  • Blood pressure (if cortisol is high BP will also be high)      
  • Sleep/wake patterns (cortisol imbalance can lead to waking up at night – and feeling hungry)
  • Physical activity (elevated levels can drain us of energy, which is why I always like to have a period of relaxation at the end of a class - it helps to reduce cortisol)
  • Capacity to cope with stress (one mans meat is another mans poison – this is where mindfullnes can help, if you view something asa stress it WILL negativellly affect cortisol)

Cortisol & Stress

  • 40% of meals are eaten standing up or in a car – cortisol rises.
  • Gluton sensitive – cortisol rises
  • Texts/emails/mobiles/TV/laptops – rises cortisol
  • When we are supposed to be relaxing, physiologically we are not. Our adrenals are ON all of the time! We do not have the organ reserve to deal with a major stressor that comes along. Ever ‘lost it’ over something so pathetically trivial – too much cortisol for too long a period.

How does Corisol affect the ageing process (this is a must read!)

  • 20% cortisol increase over age 50
  • Cell ages but it can be reversed by yoga/meditation
  • Increases all signs of ageing
  • Decreases brain blood supply – can decrease brain size average 10% when going through menopause. If you successfully go through menopause it can come back WHICH IS WHY WOMEN TEND TO LOSE THEIR MEMORY QUITE A BIT DURING MENOPAUSE...

What happens if you have too much Cortisol? 

  • Depression
  • Alzheimers (referred to as type 3 diabetes – cortisol causes disfunction in sugar regulation)
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Here are some other effects of having too much Cortisol in the body....the FIRST ONE IS A VERY COMMON ONE!

  • Weight gain/belly fat – exercise all you want it WILL NOT get rid of that fat. Too long an exercise leads to HIGHER levels of Cortisol.  (so dieting or starving yourself will not make any difference!)
  • Blood sugar disfunction
  • Ovarian cyst – high Cortisol pushes up androgens/testosterone levels – hence unwanted hair growth
  • Insomnia
  • Osteoporosis


So you have it!!! Next week I'm going to tell you how to REDUCE your Cortisol levels - and all I'm saying is chocolate ......

Warmest Hugs and thanks for reading!



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