Pilates isn't just for women...

Pilates isn't just for women....

Pilates isn’t just for women. In fact, it was created by a man, intended for men to do. So here are my 4 reasons why men need pilate's in their lives!

  1. He Plays Golf.  Does he not have a caddie? No problem. You might think golf is easy but did you know that nearly half of pro golfers retire due to golf related injuries There’s a reason why Tiger Woods took up Pilates. Benefits include increased flexibility, decreased muscle tightness, longer muscles, stronger abs, and injury prevention.
  2. He’s Sits All Day. The train, the car, the office… seeing a pattern here? Too much sitting can actually make you sick.  Pilates can help to reverse the effects of all that sitting around.
  3. He’s Had It With The Weights. One weight lifting injury after another? Maybe it’s time to switch it up. Don’t ditch the weights completely but try balancing it out with a few Pilates sessions per week. 
  4. Is he a Sloucher?  All that time at the computer taking a toll on his back? Poor posture is the cause of lots of nasty stuff, like chronic back and neck pain. Pilates can help to decompress the spinal column by strengthen and lengthening muscles and properly aligning the spine. 

Could the Dad in your life use some Pilates classes? You could even treat him to a few pilate's classes for his birthday or christmas?