It's happening! Are you ready?

This past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions and ideas!  Some days my creative juices flow...other days I feel like I'm in a black hole trying to force creativity.

Now the Easter Bunny must be good (or is it the excessive amount of chocolate and red wine?) but today I've finally set up a special page, especially devoted to my clients.  

This page will only be accessible via a password, which will be emailed out at the beginning of every month.  

This new page on my site will have plenty of workouts, recipes and nutrition advice and the best part of it.... IT'S FREE to those on my membership packages!  

As Tesco says:  "Every Little Helps".


I know sometimes people go away on holiday and they can't always get to have a workout so I'll be posting workouts anything between 2min - 1hr long so that you can still do SOMETHING while you're away!  

The membership portal will be LIVE in a few months...

I need to get some workouts on there first! 

Along with the password being emailed out I will also be sending you an email every time a new workout has been added so that you can pop over and check it out. 

I'm super excited to have this set up and ready to go!!!


On another note:  we have started some refurbishment for the studio ...


Dont' be fooled - this isn't actually going to be a door for the studio..

Can you guess what it IS going to be???


I hope you all have a fantastic Easter and enjoy the Easter egss!  

Don't forget Pilates will be on at Winners 09:15hrs and again at 18:00 in Dawlish!

Warmest Hugs