Which is Better For You - Pilates OR Yoga?

Of course I do love Pilates and the fact that it's all about functional movement ie teaching the body to move as it should, makes it ... "SIMPLES" to love.

However, there's aspects to yoga that I love too.  The strength and flexibility that you gain, without weights and using only your body weight is incredible.  

Over the past couple of years I've started learning more about mediation, clearning the mind, being in the now etc etc etc there's many definitions and yoga works with the flow of the breath to help do that.  

They each have their own benefits - Pilates is good for the "core" and posture and flexibility and Yoga is good for balance, strength and spine health. 

I couldn't possibly choose which one is better because each person has different needs, but if you can do both then you're getting the best of both worlds.

Some people may have strong cores but are rather inflexible or not much body strength and yoga will be great helping them in those area.

Pilates is more for people with lower back ache, weak cores and lack of flexibility caused my the body having muscles imbalances.

A very short post I know - but when there's not much to say - why blurb on.

If you can - do both - if you can't then choose the one that is right for YOU!  The more you can do to look after your body and keep it active, the better it'll be for all your other activities like rowing, cycling, running or even just doing the gardening!


Often people wait for "next week" - but next week never comes.  Just start today with doing something.  Instead of driving to that little shop at the end of your street get your trainers on and walk!  

When you hit your golden years you'll be thankful .......

And next week I'll tell you why!

Warmest Hugs!