Struggle with sleep? Here's my 3 MUST DO bedtime tips.

Since I can remember sleep has never been something that has come naturally to me - without defying the Law of Attraction and saying "I'm a bad sleeper" let's just say if I sleep through the night it's a miracle. 

I used to get so annoyed when Paul and I went to bed at the same time.  Within minutes he'd be twitching away - usually an indication that he was fast asleep. AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH how does he do that?    There's no way you're sleeping while I'm not - going through my head followed by an intentional really big shift around and huffing and puffing in bed to wake him up "accidentally" - sorry love!

I've tried herbal sleeping tablets, music, no tv (rarely watch anyway), no eating after 6 (yeah right! how do you expect me to live until the morning?).  

I found myself an app, which takes me through a guided meditation and I very rarely get to the end of it, as I'm fast asleep!  I've also go a set routine now that I'm doing and I soon know when I've done something outside of that routine.  This is not to say that I sleep like a baby now.  My sleep is still broken - but at least I'm actually getting to sleep!



So here's the 3 tihngs that I have found that has really helped me and I do hope they can help you too!

1.  At 21:30 all electronics go off - now this alone is a big EEEEEER for me - since I am a self confessed Facebook Addict.  I set my alarm and that's the end of it.  The battle of not looking at it is another issue! BUT there is research to suggest the light from tablets/phones etc causes brain stimulation, which is what we're trying to avoid.

2. A quiet hot bath, with candles and some nice smelling scent and gentle music in the background.  Now if you can't do the bath then you need to find away to calm your mind.  This does NOT include watching TV.  Reading is another great way - but again make sure the book is NOT stimulating your mind.  I used to read self help books at night - and found that I started thinking about what I could change tomorrow and making plans for the future.  This was having the opposite affect and since I don't read any other books - I've stopped reading at night all together.

3.  Last but not least - the app I mentioned is called CALM.COM and you can get it on your pc too.  Now this is on my phone, as it's next to my bed so I make a point of ONLY looking at the app and nothing else.  You can set the amount of time that you want to listen to it and you can have it guided or just the music.  I found the guided actually gives my mind something to focus on so that is doesn't drift off into the world of my "to do list" for tomorrow, thereby stimulating it.  Having something to focus on has been the key to this method!

Well there you have it!  I've not gone into the whole caffeine and alcohol stuff as it's been said a million times before.  But try and avoid alcohol.  It may temporarily put you to sleep - but within a few short hours it becomes a stimulant and guess'll be counting sheep at 2am!

If you struggle with sleep then give these ago.  Don't focus too much on the how, but try and enjoy the winding down of the day and see it as a gift and a bit of pampering and luxury for yourself.  

I look forward to hearing your stories and if you have any tips that work feel free to share! I'm always up for trying new things :)

Warmest Hugs