Guess who got Interviewed!

Well I hate to brag ... but yes it was me that got interviewed!  I was approached by an online Life Coach who helps female entrepreneurs.     Lisa was looking for women who have given up their full time careers to pursue a life of authenticity and bliss.  

It certainly hasn't been easy - and even today I'm being met be challenges (there's no such thing as obstacles!)....each challenge brings another lesson.   There are days I wish this was easier and I ask many a time why is this so hard!  BUT I know that in order to achieve the life I want, which is having the freedom and the financial security to do what I love and that is teach Pilates and bring people together.     

Pop over to the interview and you'll be able to find out more about my journey over the past couple of years!  

Click on the link to visit Self Made Dame!


Thank You to all my clients for bringing me this far!  

We are so in for a ride when the studio is open!!! We've got so much planned :)