Now there's a few things that I consider my favourite and that I'd spend my money on.  Coconut oil, wheatgrass and Epsom Salts are among my most precious food/minerals.  

As with coconut oil, epsom salt has a large variety of uses and we mainly like to endulge in a lovely hot bath with a cup of epsom salt, a dash of Olive oil and a glass of wine!  Nothing leaves my body more hydrated and relaxed..(although not sure if that's actually the wine!).

Last year I did a 60mile bike event with little training (I was a stand in for someone) and after the event I added a kilogram of salts to a hot bath and I suffered no muscles stiffness the next day!  It was great!

It can also be used internally BUT you must check the pack as not all salts are to be consumed..and let me forewarn you... if you digest'll soon know about it!   You'll notice that your bottom breaths (as we now call it in class!) smell strongly of sulphate!  (think eggs...) and if you have quite a bit you'll be wrapped around the toilet for hours.  It is actually used a brilliant way to cleanse the liver (and everything else on the inside from what I hear!).  I've never actually tried to do a cleanse myself!  


Here's a few other benefits of Epsom Salt:

1.  It helps raise the magnesium and sulphate levels in your body, hence serving as a superb mineral supplement.  (great for cramps!).

2.  It relaxes the nervous system, alleviates aching limbs, relieves back and muscle ache (and cramps!),  cures skin problems, treats congestions and colds, heals cuts and draws toxins from the body.

3.  It's a stress reliever and even prevents hardening of the arteries and blood clots, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

4.  The magnesium and sulphate components enhance the production of insulin, which helps prevent diabetes or lessen it's severity.

After I've put the ladies (and men) through their HIT Pilates and PiYo paces I'll often dish out a complimentary jar of salts...I figured it's the least I can do after making their legs burn..and they sure need it after their first session!

Now I'm off to have a bath and wine :)  Give it a go and let me know what you think! :)

Warmest Hugs as Always!!