Portion Control

We've all heard the term portion control ......  

So what exactly does it mean and is there actually such a thing?  

Or let me rephrase the question....

Should we be doing it?

It's easy for people who are trying to lose weight or become healthier to think I need to control the size of my portions, however, I'm going to go against this ..... GASP! yes I, to a certain extent, disagree with this.

There's what I call good food and bad food - I like to keep things simple cause that's how my brain works.  (If you want a more complex and scientific answer....ask Paul!). But for now let's stick to good food and bad food. 

Hopefully you'll have little lightbulbs going on in your brain as your might start to realise where I'm going with this.  If you were planning on eating the biggest burger you've ever seen, caked in oil and adding your chips and onions on the side, also driping with oil - then yes I agree we need to reduce the size of our portions....


If you're eating healthy nutritious food I think we need to become more aware of what we are eating.... a bowl of spinach or salad harldy compares to a burger does it.  And those are the things we need to be eating MORE of!  (the leafy veggies - not the burger!)

Basically eating less is NOT the answer - we have to look at WHAT we are eating first.

We need to encourage people to eat MORE of the less energy dense food and decrease the more energy dense food.  This will mean that we can satisfy our tummies - but with the right food that will help us to reduce our weight and not feel like we're starving at the same time.  



All our clients will know that I always say EVERYTHING in moderation - we do no believe in diets - they are unsustainable, what we do encourage is a balanced diet.  YES we have pizza... on Saturdays as that's our cheat night..the rest of the time we try to eat good wholesome food...and that doesn't always go to plan - who cares!  

You are a living being and you're meant to enjoy your life!  Life is too short to not enjoy that cheeky cake - you just don't want to do it every day :)  

So in conclusion - be aware of what you eat...more of the good stuff....less of the bad stuff and it's as easy at that :) 

Warmest Hugs