Those that have attended my classes are by now very used to me turning up to class with Odd Socks.  This has unintentionally become my signature and as a result Team Oddsox has been created.

Team Oddsox consists of those that enjoy having a walk on a Saturday morning with like-minded people , however there are some of those in the team that enjoy participating in charity events (it’s always good to give something back!).

If you enjoy walking or running (please note..this is for leisurely jogs – no record breaking allowed!),  then please join us for a walk in the local area.  We meet at 09:00hrs at a prearranged location on the first Saturday of every month, so make sure you get your name on the list by clicking onHERE to add your name to our Guche Prada Oddsox List!!  It’s a great chance to get your doggie out for a walk and why not bring your partners!

The outings will start off with shorter distances and increase slowly  throughout the year ready for you to take on a charity event – if you so choose!

We will be collecting £1 per person for each walk and at the end of the year we’ll have a draw and see whose favourite Charity gets to keep the money!  We’ve already donated to the Red Cross 

Keep an eye out on here for more updates on plans for 2014!