Find out for yourself about Pilates and it’s Benefits

How would I describe Pilates –

Well a rather high number of people just allow their stomach to hang out of their midrift.   There are various groups of muscles around our abdomen – namely the six-pack, as it is more commonly known (yes we all have one…)  side obliques and internal obliques (on the sides of the body) and then there’s the muscle that is rarely looked after or spoken about and THAT is the core muscle also called the Transverse Abdomonis or TA for short.  I like to think of it more as a corset muscle – it does exactly what it says on the tin.  If it’s working correctly it holds all the internal organs in place and helps the spine to function correctly – by using the muscles to bend the body over rather than placing all that strain on the spine itself.   If you think of an  ANALOGY from paul

So the Doctor tells me I should do it but I don’t really know why?   Everyone could do with Pilates – it amazes me that something so natural just doesn’t come naturally anymore.  We now have teach our bodies the right way.  I guess as evolution changes – so do our bodies – after all a million years ago we weren’t sitting at desks tapping away on computers!

Pilates is not only great for back ache, but also stiff necks, shoulder immobility, cancer rehabilitation (especially after breast cancer surgery), pelvic disorders (pre/post pregnancy) and many more.

Here are some more reasons why Pilates is a must for everyone….

  • Helps you to sit up correctly when you’re at your desk working or in your car driving.
  • It improves the strength around the waist line area therefore helping to reduce lower back pain.
  • It increases your muscle tone and helps to flatten the belly as your muscles around the waist line will be working in the way they are meant to, drawing in.
  • It helps to keep your shoulders and pelvis in the correct position, which helps other parts of the body to work more effectively because the foundation (the core part of the body is strong).
  • It increases your flexibility, range of motion within your joints and increases your overall strength (makes picking up that basket full of washing a lot easier!).
  • Helps to improve your balance and co-ordination so walking on tight ropes becomes a doddle
  • VERY IMPORTANT ONE – It improves your bone density so that when you grow older – it helps prevent diseases like Osteoporosis.
  • It helps to ease general aches and pains, as it loosens the body and gets the body moving.
  • It is an ideal form of exercise for people with Arthritis, Scollioses, Osteoporosis and Fybromyalgia.   There is no impact, as most of the exercises are mat-based and carried out on the floor. This helps to prevent added stress to any weak or injured joints.

I have many clients who have noticed within 5 weeks of beginning Pilates, differences in their bodies.  They’ve reported to have more mobility, tighter tummies and more strength and in some cases less pain!

I could talk all day about the benefits of Pilates – but really it’s up to YOU to look after YOUR body.  Unfortunately a lot of people wait for “soon” or “next year” or “when I’ve done xyz”.  Before you know it 10 years have passed and you can hardly move because your back hurts so much.   Especially if you are suffering from issues then it’s up to you to take responsibility.