Thank You so much for visiting our website!  Let us introduce ourselves.  We are a husband and wife team living in Kingsteignton, Devon.  (Yes we are so lucky to live here!).    Our passion for health and fitness led us to the lives that we live now - but it certainly has not been an easy road.  

In 2014 I (Tanja) worked for Devon and Cornwall Constabulary as a Police Officer working in Exeter and Paul worked as a Police Enquiry Officer at Newton Abbot Police Station.  At the beginning of 2014 I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and started a rather long road to recovery, which finally resulted in me resigning from the Police in October, and saying good bye to the career that I had always wanted.  I was teaching Pilates part time, but one thing I realise is that Pilates became my coping mechanism, my management system and it - along with the awesome clients I have, pulled me out the other end.  

Paul on the other hand was made redundant and although extremely frightening and worrying - led to us searching for a studio to make a living by doing what we love.  I love teaching fitness classes and Paul loves the science of injuries, what causes them and his passion is discovering what is causing someone problems and then helping them.  

We've both run the marathons - and never finished because of injuries - which is mainly how Paul got into his specialist area - he wanted to find out why he was getting all these injuries so he could fix himself.  I on the other hand loved the focus, control and concentration that was required in Pilates.  Not only that I used to suffer from nagging back ache all the time and I felt a difference within the first 2 lessons I had.  I still remember my first class.  I walked out feeling like I had been stretched to the ceiling and back!  It was great.  I've been an addict ever since!

Our clients are mostly women, but there are a few men in the classes (they are brave I'll give them that!).   Paul will be starting a MEN'S ONLY PILATES CLASS soon so keep an eye out on this site for more info!

We will be keeping your posted about the new studio - we are so excited as this will open up a new world of opportunities for us to add even more value to your time with us.   IT'S SO FREAKING EXCITING!!


"I really struggled with injuries from too many road running miles.  I absolutely love going for my regular massage and it's now a vital part of my training regime!..."

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